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Join Our Village Community

An annual membership can connect you to others in your community, simplify your life, reduce your stress, and keep you mobile. The benefits include confidence, social contacts, independence, and peace of mind.


Village membership contributes to overall life satisfaction and provides opportunities to give, not just receive.


Build community by connecting with others
Whether you’ve spent a lifetime in Aloha, Cornelius, Forest Grove or Hillsboro, or are new in town, membership offers you the opportunity to expand your social circle and join with others who believe a better experience of aging is possible when we engage with and rely on each other.  

Participate in and help plan Village activities and events
The energy and involvement of members enables the Village to offer a lively and varied roster of gatherings, presentations and interest groups. Here are examples of events that members have organized and enjoyed:   

  • Happy hours and local coffee gatherings
  • Workshops and presentations on topics such as emergency preparedness, crafts, watercolor painting, and travelogues 
  • Group visits to museums, plays and concerts
  • Brunch outings
  • Special interest groups such as Games, Book Club, Singalong


Make a positive impact in your immediate community
Volunteer opportunities enable you to give back to the Village by directly helping other members. There are many possibilities: You might join a committee, organize a workshop or special interest group, make regular phone calls to a homebound member or help our members schedule services. 

Access “members only” services and resources
We all need a helping hand now and then. As a member, you will be eligible for services like these that are provided by trained volunteers. (Eligibility for services is based on membership level and the fee schedule
on the Membership Levels and Fees page.)  

  • TRANSPORTATION: Volunteers provide up rides for medical appointments, grocery shopping, airport, errands or social events.
  • IN-HOME ASSISTANCE: Volunteers help with household tasks or can provide information and advice. Typical tasks might include helping to organize files and paperwork, cleaning out closets or cabinets, changing light bulbs or smoke detector batteries, hanging pictures, making simple repairs and light yard work such as raking leaves and seasonal yard cleanup.
  • FRIENDLY VISITORS: Volunteers make phone calls or social visits to members at a regularly scheduled time to chat and/or to check on a member’s well-being.
  • TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT: Volunteers assist with computers, cell phones, digital cameras and home electronics.
  • CONVENIENCE SERVICES: Volunteers help members with small tasks such as mailing packages, checking on houses when members are away, waiting for delivery or service personnel, temporary pet care or dog walking and picking up mail or newspapers.
  • VENDOR RECOMMENDATIONS: Village Without Walls maintains a list of vendors and contractors recommended by Village members. This can be a time saver when you are researching options for help with projects related to home maintenance, yard work and other services.

Don’t wait -
join today to help our Village community thrive!

Contact Us if you are Interested in more information.