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Bricks to Build the Village
The Village has many needs as we open October 1, 2016. The first year is one that requires to be fully operational without the benefit of a year's membership funding. We are building the Village brick by brick. Each brick is $25.00
Progress: $ 1,875.00 received toward our goal of $10,000.00
First Year Office Rental
During the first year of operation we are building our membership and serving them with our volunteers. In order to create the one-stop environment we envision we need to rent a small office space. This fund is designed to raise sufficient money for that first year. We anticipate membership payments to cover the costs after the first year.
Progress: $ 55.00 received toward our goal of $6,000.00
Member Sponsorship
There are people in our community who would benefit from being a member of the Village but do not have the funds to pay for it. This fund helps us to provide sponsored memberships for low-income seniors, as verified through government and nonprofit agencies. $540 per year sponsors one full membership with services.
Progress: $ 450.00 received toward our goal of $16,200.00