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How can I contact you?
You can reach us by any of the following methods –
Phone: 971-238-8511
Mail: Village Without Walls, PO Box 2413, Hillsboro, Or 97123

When will you begin accepting members?
We are accepting new members all the time. We ask that you attend a Village 101 Informational Session to get most of your questions answered and be able to decide which type of membership suits you best.
Do I have to be a member to volunteer?
No.  We have a number of volunteers in the age range of 20-40 years old who do not plan to be members for many years. We welcome volunteers of all ages and backgrounds who believe in providing a way to help seniors stay in their communities and continue to thrive.
What area does Village Without Walls serve?
Our membership area encompasses western Washington County, Oregon. This includes the Hillsboro, Cornelius, Forest Grove and Aloha geographic areas. We realize that Washington County includes numerous rural areas where residents associate with one of the above cities. If you are not sure if your area is covered, please contact us by email at and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.
Can anybody join?
Village Without Walls welcomes all kinds of people who live within its service area. We hope to have a diverse and inclusive membership.
I don’t live in your area, but my parents do. Can I pay for their membership?
Yes! This is a great gift to give your parents and to know that they have a community there to help them. They will still need to go through the membership process so that we, and they, can make sure this fits their needs and we can deliver the services they may need in the future.
I’m not in the service area but want to join, what should I do?
Look for other villages on the Village to Village Network and Villages NW websites. If you don’t find any in your area, consider organizing a group to form one, with the help of the above organizations.

How does a Village membership benefit me?
  • The Village schedules many interesting educational, cultural, and social programs that you will be invited to attend.
  • You will have access to a list of vetted vendors, some offering discounts to our membership. These vendors will help you to take care of regular needs such as house major maintenance, regular house cleaning, and personal services.
  • You will have the opportunity to volunteer to help others as you are able. Members have a lot to give; most people get a sense of purpose from serving others.
  • Members will have one number to call to get help with occasional personal needs such as transportation, chores, friendly check-in calls, pet care and more.
  • Volunteers who have been screened and trained will be matched to meet your request.
What’s the cost?
The membership types and costs are provided in the Membership Types handout.  Village Without Walls is committed to establishing a scholarship fund to help subsidize memberships for low-income seniors. As funding is available we will work with other partners and agencies to identify how to use those resources.

Who runs a Village?
Most Villages nationwide are self-governing 501(c) (3) nonprofit membership organizations run by a Board of Directors elected by the Village members.  Hundreds of volunteers are the core of the organization offering a variety of social, cultural and educational activities as well as individual services such as transportation, light housework and maintenance, and pet care when a member has a temporary need. The day-to-day operational coordination is usually handled by paid staff who report to the Board.

How are Villages funded?
They are supported by a combination of membership fees, grants and fundraising.
Who will run Village Without Walls?
Village Without Walls is run by its members, who nominate and elect the members of its Governing Council. Day-to-day operations will be handled by a combination of volunteers and a part-time paid staff who will be hired by and report to the Governing Council.

I may be moving to another city or state. Are there any other Villages operational in the Pacific NW?
There are already six grassroots Villages up and running in the Pacific NW, including one in Portland, each tailored to the specific needs of their communities. To learn more about each of them—when they launched, how they were founded, what services they offer—please visit them on the Web. Other Villages in the Portland Metro Area are in various stages of Development and more in the initial planning stages. To keep up on the opening status of these villages check Villages NW Development page.