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Who We Are

We are part of a national movement redefining how we age. Together we provide the support we need to remain in our homes and engaged in our communities. 

Village Without Walls connects members with each other and with the resources we need to stay active, independent and fulfilled.

We rely on one another – and on an extensive background-checked and trained volunteer pool to provide the services we need. Plus, we provide member-recommended service providers and partnerships with local agencies, groups and businesses.

Our members, and their families, have peace of mind because of our commitment to meet their service needs with trained, background-checked volunteers. Many of these volunteers are also members themselves because they see the value in the Village community.

Village Without Walls operates as a program of Villages NW, a 501(c)(3) non-profit which serves a network of community-based Villages across the metro area.

Our History

We began planning for Village Without Walls in 2012 with a core group of five to eight people. Over a period of four years, the Village teams worked through all the issues and tasks necessary to launch a Village in western Washington County.

Thanks to the work of over 40 volunteers over the past 5 years, the official opening of Village Without Walls occurred October 1, 2016 throughout our service area of western Washington County, Oregon.  

Both Basic Member and Members Plus memberships are available to residents across our entire service area.

In September 2017, our members elected the first operational Governing Council which functions as a legally responsible decision-making Board of Directors. Village Teams work closely with the Governing Council to maintain Village operations, and recruit new members and volunteers.