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Who We Are

Village Without Walls is a nonprofit organization and part of the nationwide Village-to-Village network. We are an all-volunteer group willing to work together to create options for people to age and thrive in their homes and community. Our group includes both retired and working members — teachers, students, and individuals active in business and helping professions. It takes all kinds of people to sustain a Village.

Village Without Walls is a part of VillagesNW, a 501(c)3 nonprofit  TAX ID 46-4190513, which serves as the Hub for eight Villages in formation across the Metro area. The organization is part of the nationwide network of support that foster interdependent aging in community.

Our History

Thanks to the work of over 40 volunteers over the past 4 years, the official opening of Village Without Walls is October 1, 2016 throughout our service area of western Washington County, Oregon.  Basic Membership is available to residents across our entire service area. This membership level will offer social, educational and cultural opportunities, along with access to a list of screened vendors for a variety of services.

If you live in Forest Grove or Cornelius, residents also have the option to enroll at the Member Plus level, in which trained volunteers come to your home to help with errands, rides and occasional chores. The Member Plus level will be available in Hillsboro and Aloha early in 2017, as more volunteers sign up to be trained.

We began planning for Village Without Walls in 2012 with a core group of five to eight people. This planning stage included learning about the Village model and if it is right for our community. That is followed by identify gaps in services and needs and generating a strong groundswell of volunteers that can support the design and implementation of the Village.

As the Village advanced toward becoming fully operational, the Planning Group elected its first Governing Council in early 2015. The Governing Council functions as a legally responsible decision-making Board of Directors. Village Work Teams and Task Forces give input to strategic planning objectives and are charged with implementation of those objectives to support the successful launch of the Village.