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Our Mission

Village Without Walls is a non-profit community group that provides the practical means, social and educational opportunities and confidence for our members to remain integral and vibrant residents of their neighborhoods.

Village Without Walls:
  • Provides volunteers to do many tasks and services
  • Connects neighbors to one another and to existing local resources
  • Provide opportunities for our members to participate in a variety of social and educational activities
  • Uses the skills and talents of members & other community volunteers to provide cost-effective support
  • Develops strategic partnerships with local businesses, government agencies, & nonprofit organizations on behalf of its members
  • Assists its members to access and coordinate the services they need to successfully age-in-place

Our Operating Principles
  • Honors the contributions of all members and affiliates
  • Welcomes an inclusive, diverse community working together
  • Connects a cluster of neighborhoods where people want to know one another, freely sharing their skills and knowledge of community resources
  • Fosters community through intergenerational connections and through strong and lasting relationships
  • Honors the privacy, dignity and independence of Village members and volunteers
  • Strives to protect the security of our members in dealing with vendors and service providers
  • Demonstrates transparency and honesty in all Village participation and management