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Our Leadership

The Governing Council meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays each month.  If you would like to contact a Governing Council member or attend a meeting, send us an email at and your question will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

Governing Council Members

Maggie Lynch
Chair – Maggie Lynch
Maggie comes from a background that includes over 40 years in a variety of business environments and careers, including licensed family counselor, software developer and trainer, online learning management system design and research, and Dean and CIO in Academia. She now is now a full time fiction and non-fiction author. Maggie previously worked behind the scenes at Village Without Walls as a technologist, webmaster, and social media advisor for the past two years. 
Vice-Chair – Sue Ayer

After she retired from full time parish work, Rev. Sue Ayer's ministry with the wider community brought her to Hillsboro, Oregon where she has served with the UU Community Church of Washington County for more than a decade. She has been a part of the Village Without Walls planning group from its inception, and has served as Chair of the Governing Council previously, as well as participated on each of the functional committees. 
Community and Business Outreach - Bob Rollinger
Bob is a long-time realtor in western Washington County.  In his role at Weichert Realty, and as a knowledgeable community member, he has been invaluable to Village Without Walls in introducing our organization and our mission to the businesses around the area. He also frequently gives presenttions about the Village Movement and specifically Village Without Walls to Chambers of Commerce and individual businesses and community organizations.
Marie Farrell, Membership Team Chair
Membership Committee Chair – Marie Farrell
Marie has been with Village Without Walls for two years. Her attention to detail and ability to manage multiple forms and inputs has been critical to her position as Membership Chair. Her continued desire to be a good team player as been invaluable as membership functions across all teams in the Village. Her continued involvement with other Membership leaders, in Villages around the metro area, has also helped to more quickly solidify our membership recruitment process throughout our service area.
Anne Dale, Volunteer Team Leader
Volunteer Committee Chair – Anne Dale
Anne Dale has been with Village Without Walls since the beginning of early planning. She has served in many roles and has been the glue between prospective member and volunteer matches for the past three years. Her previous employment included serving in fundraising efforts in Academia and for nonprofit Hospitals. She brings her kind heart, unflagging energy, and true love of people to this important position leading the Volunteer Committee.
Services (Vendors) Committee Chair – Sherry Marcear

The services committee is responsible for researching and vetting vendors that we recommend to our members. This committee currently has three volunteers who are doing the hard work of establishing the criteria and signing up and speaking with potential vendors.
Forest Grove/Cornelius Task Force – Sherry Greulich and Susie Cassady
These two strong women have been the force behind bringing the Village to the Forest Grove and Cornelius area. They've worked tirelessly to recruit members, hold events, and involve community businesses and government. They've done it all with a smile and a willingness to keep moving forward in spite of any obstacles put in their path.  It is their hard work that contributed to having the Village open with both basic and Members Plus services in this part of western Washington County.
Hillsboro / Aloha Task Force - Open *
The Forest Grove / Cornelius task force laid the groundwork and set up the systems for what needs to happen to make sure the Hillsboro / Aloha area is able to recruit members and begin providing services for Member Plus options.  Though the entire Governing Council has also been working toward this end, we are seeking a point person or a duo to co-chair this effort.
Villages NW Board representative – David Riback
David Riback has been a successful Financial Planner for more than 25 years. David is a member of the Society of Financial Services Professionals, as well as the National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors. He is also a member of the Fellowship of Companies for Christ International, a co-founder of Second Chance Ministries, and a volunteer at Night Strike. He brings his vast experience and his heart for helping others to Village Without Walls as a liaison from our hub at Villages NW.
Communications, Marketing, and Technology Committee Chair –Barbara Hart
This strong team of volunteers decided to join together their three functional teams in order to provide a consistent message across the Village Without Walls organization. Recognizing that both internal and external communications were important to marketing, and that our use of technology becomes marketing as well, they meet together as a single functional team.

Interim Treasurer – Richard (Dick) Eyde
After serving 10 years as a hospital corpsman and 13 years as a surface line officer in the U.S. Navy,  Dick Eyde worked as the site administrator for several area colleges.  Since retiring from the work world, he has volunteered with local schools and community organizations, and held nonprofit leadership positions in the Beaverton Literacy Council, the Somali Bantu Citizens Group of Oregon, and the Tualatin Riverkeepers. He currently serves as Treasurer and Secretary on the Villages NW Board, he currently serves on the City of Beaverton’s Social Service Funding Committee and is the treasurer of the Viva Village planning group.

Intel Encore Fellow / Executive Assistant to Village Without Walls
Following 15 years of executive assistance in the technology industry Kathie Miller joins us under the Intel Encore Fellow program that matches former employees with nonprofits in order to provide those employees with a one-year sponsored mentorship in an organization.
Kathie's primary role will be as the one-stop call for Village Without Walls members and volunteers as we open to services and activities beginning October 1st, 2016. She also serves as an important voice to the Governing Council around processes and procedures that will help ensure the volunteers, members, and functional teams are all communicating well in order to serve our members most effectively.